<Every legal service can be provided in English without translation>

Criminal Cases

  • When arrested
    • meeting and giving legal advice to a client at the police station
    • making applications to the court to release a client from detention
    • negotiating with potential victims for settlements
  • When prosecuted
    • preparing for trials by analysing the prosecution case and evidence
    • gathering advantageous evidence through disclosure and other process
    • advocating clients at trial (e.g. cross-examination, opening and closing speech)

Personal Injury (road traffic accident)

  • advising on available car insurance
  • negotiating against insurance companies to maximise the amount of compensation
  • ADR and litigation process

Civil Cases

  • drafting and checking contracts
  • ADR (negotiation, mediation, and arbitration etc.)
  • Litigation

Family Law

  • divorce cases (negotiation, mediation and litigation)
  • drafting wills
  • probate cases (negotiation and mediation)

Business Law

  • giving legal advice in relation to daily running of business
  • sorting out conflicts within a company or with a third party
  • liaising with other professionals (accountants, land registry experts, and social insurance consultants etc.)